Can we post GIFs on Facebook in Media Injection?

We often get the question if you can post GIFs on Facebook in Media Injection as a status update. We have some great news: it is!


You can save the GIF on your computer as a mp4 and upload it to the media library in Media Injection. Or just copy and past a HTML 5 video link. You can recognize this because the url ends with html5. If you're looking for a site to create and download from we recommend GIPHY.


Next, choose 'Video post' and 'Add video' underneath the status update box. There you can click on the plus and load your GIF. You can also choose to post your GIF without any text.



If you have a link to the GIF you can choose for a link preview post and paste the html5 url in there.


Choose the GIF you want to upload to MI. The GIF will be shown as below (of course it will be moving in Facebook (as you see we were really happy it was almost Friday)). 




 You can also send GIF's as comments. Simply paste the GIF link in there and again you can send it with or without text. And again your GIF will be moving ;-)

Media_Injection.png      My_product_Page___Community.png


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