In this section, you can add channels to the platform or check the status of your channels. If you notice an error in publishing or receiving messages, nine out of ten times it's because the channel status is off or unauthorized. If that's the case, please re-add the channel and the problem is solved! You don't have to delete the channel; Media Injection will overwrite the re-adding of the channel. There are many reasons for losing the authorization to a channel (but usually because of a password change). Sadly enough we don't get that information from the channels. If this doesn't work please get in touch with us via

To (re-)add a channel click on the plus sign on the top of the screen (as shown in the screenshot below). A pop-up will open (make sure your browser doesn't block pop-ups) and in this pop-up, you can select the channel you want to add. Some channels require you to log in with credentials of that account. Other channels, such as Facebook, require a login with your personal account. Note: with the first option know that MI will take the account that you're logged in with if you're, for example, already logged in with an Instagram account on this computer. With the second option, it's important that you're logged in with the account that's also an admin of the page/account you want to add. When the channel is successfully added, don’t forget to add the channel to a brand. After this, the data will appear in the right brand. If your channel was already in a brand you don't have to do this step.

If you want a channel deleted from your environment, unlink it from its brand and contact us. 


For adding Instagram you might see two options you can pick. Instagram Pages and Instagram Users. Choose the Instagram Pages option. If you choose for Instagram Users you won't be able to publish. Also, make sure that your Instagram account is set-up correctly and that you have admin rights to the Facebook page. It's important that you have admin rights it's to the actual page and not given via the Facebook business manager. Follow the easy steps from this article to do so: Set-up your Instagram account. And also good to know that you can't connect a channel if you have an Emoji in your profile name. So please remove that first, after adding the channel you can just add the emoji again.
Additional information:
Please note that we do not load any personal channels or data into Media Injection.
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